Combined lifting and lowering equipment for car transport vehicles

Efficient and safe load management

The combined lifting and lowering device for Hccrs car carriers is an innovative solution for efficient and safe load management. The roof, walls and upper loading level of the closed car carrier can be opened and closed quickly and easily via a drive train using the integrated screw jacks. The lifting and lowering device enables the stepless lifting and lowering of the upper loading level by our screw jack.

The drive train of the closed car transporters moves the screw jack with electric motors. These are designed to meet the special requirements of rail freight cars. If electrical power is not available for the convenient and safe operation of the lifting and lowering equipment via the electric motors, all functions can also be operated with a hand crank or an external drive machine thanks to our customized drive concepts.

Advantages of the screw jack

The screw jack supplied by AKB Antriebstechnik for the closed car transport trolley type Hccrs offers many advantages. By opening and closing the roof, walls and upper loading level, a wide variety of vehicles can be loaded and unloaded quickly, safely and conveniently. The stepless height adjustment via the lifting and lowering device of the upper loading level allows flexible adaptation to different vehicle sizes.

Technical Data

Our screw jack is designed to meet the special technical requirements of rail freight cars. The lifting and lowering device is not only used to adjust the upper loading level, but is also designed to carry loads weighing several tons during transport.

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AKB Antriebstechnik is an experienced supplier of innovative solutions for rail transport. We develop and supply high quality screw jacks for car transport wagons, which are characterized by their reliability, safety and user-friendliness. Our engineers work closely with our customers to find customized solutions that meet individual requirements. We stand for quality, reliability and innovation in special gearbox construction. Rely on AKB Antriebstechnik for the optimal drive solution for your rail projects.