Special gearbox
Kundenspezifische Antriebstechnik - Teaser
Customer-specific drive technology
Autotransportwagen der Deutschen Bahn
Railway technology
Eine Gasturbine von Siemens, in der unser Getriebe eingebaut wurde.
Energy technology
Walzenverichter bei Husmann
Environmental technology
Nahaufnahme eines Homogenisatoren
Food processing

Welcome to AKB Antriebstechnik

AKB Antriebstechnik develops, tests and manufactures gearboxes and drives that are precisely adapted to the needs of our customers. True to our motto – CHALLENGE – IDEA – DRIVE – the requirements of our customers are reflected in every development. Our drives start where standard gearboxes stop. Together with our customers, we find the optimal solution for individual drive concepts. Our products are manufactured in our own production facilities, which handles small and large orders. In doing so, we rely on long-term business relationships and a constant development of our own products.

About us

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You will sooner see a tightrope-walking rhino than

someone developing these gearboxes for us!