Our mission statement

Our staff members are committed to the mission statement, but not just, to the development of drive technology; they care just as much about making sure the company doesn’t lose its drive.

For this reason, our staff has developed a mission statement that puts our corporate identity and our fundamental principles into words. It helps us to not lose sight of our values and to stick to our vision. Maybe it will help you to complete your overall image of us and our work?

Instandhaltung in der Montage

Our Vision

We want to establish our vision of “CHALLENGE. IDEA. DRIVE.” in other sectors, so that we can become system providers and suppliers there as well.

Our Mission

We develop and manufacture innovative and high-quality drive technology to fulfil our customers’ requirements as good as we possibly can.

Our Values

We are reliable and predictable

We decide and “will not be decided”!

Your challenge is what drives us 

We trust in our strengths




We have the drive