Bulk goods wagon Facnps: pneumatic control

AKB Antriebstechnik has developed, manufactured and supplied a pneumatic control system and a pneumatic gear motor for this trolley. It enables fast and precise unloading of the trolley. The Facnps type bulk trolley is a versatile and efficient trolley that provides for the transport and unloading of bulk materials.

Fast unloading with the help of pneumatics

The pneumatic drive closes and opens the unloading flaps, ensuring fast unloading of the bulk truck. By using compressed air, a high force is exerted on the unloading flaps to open and close them quickly and precisely.

Precise metering through self-locking rack and pinion gears

The unloading gates of the Facnps bulk truck can be opened and closed with self-locking rack and pinion gears. This enables precise metering of the bulk material, as the unloading gates can be precisely controlled. The bulk material can thus be easily unloaded onto a conveyor belt without spilling over.

Versatile handling

The Facnps bulk truck can be operated from both sides, which facilitates handling. Due to the high discharge rate and precise metering, the wagon is ideal for use in many areas of wagon-based bulk material handling, such as the construction materials industry, mining, and agriculture.

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